Introduces Dry Fruit Mix Combo Packs for Snacks & Cake Mixing Introduces Dry Fruit Mix Combo Packs for Snacks & Cake Mixing

The nip in the air is suggesting that winter is setting in. To lift up the season’s spirit with good healthy foods,, a leading online pharmacy and digital platform of healthcare, has introduced brand new Dry Fruit Combo Packs in its ambit.

SastaSundar’s Dry Fruit Combo packs offer not only the best taste, but are deliciously nutritious at the same time! Named as per their suggestive usage, the two combo packs launched are Dry Fruits for Cake Mix & Winter Snack Time – Dry Fruits Combo.

“The two variants of the dry fruit combos are not only flavoursome; they also balance the health and taste quotients just right! So, snack your way to better health this winter, and also don’t forget to don the chef’s hat on and bake yummy cakes for your loved one. SastaSundar’s dry fruit combo packs have you covered”, said Dr. Amitava Sarkar, President – Health Foods,

SastaSundar Dry Fruits for Cake Mix consists of Dry Fruit Cranberry (100 gm) and sweet tangy Dry Fruit Black Kismis (100 gm) for that perfect cake mix. Revel in the boons of their antimicrobial properties; black kismis is a known protector of gut health as well. Dry Fruit Raisin (100 gm), on the other hand, adds to the mix loads of energy and health-promoting anti-inflammatory properties. It proactively protects your digestive and oral health. Being naturally sweet, it also helps in reducing the added sugar quantity in the recipe. Now, coming to Dry Fruit Almond (100 gm), the crunchy, nutty goodness of the finest quality: laden with Vitamin E, these nuts are known to keep you fit naturally. And last but never the least, comes the amazing combo of creamy-buttery taste and myriad health benefits, i.e., Dry Fruit Cashew (100 gm). These delectable nuts are known to manage bodyweight like a pro!

Comprising of equally good contents, SastaSundar Winter Snack Time – Dry Fruits Combo also packs the tang of Dry Fruit Cranberry (100 gm), sweet-tangy Dry Fruit Black Kismis (100 gm) and Dry Fruit Raisin (100 gm). However, being a snacking combo, it also comprises of Almonds (100 gm) which are roasted and salted to perfection making them an ideal addition to your snack hours. Full of Vitamin E, these nuts are a blessing for weight-watchers. What’s more -Roasted Salted Cashew (100 gm) is also a part of this combo. A great nutritious snack to nibble on, cashews double as a weight loss aid as well!

The SastaSundar Dry Fruits for Cake Mix is available at a pocket pinch of Rs. 493/- (MRP) and SastaSundar Winter Snack Time – Dry Fruits Combo is available at Rs. 536/- only (MRP). To buy these products, one needs to log onto or simply order from the SastaSundar App.

About is an online pharmacy and digital platform of healthcare supported by a network of physical counselling and service centres called ‘Healthbuddies’. The service verticals of SastaSundar are Pharmacy, Diagnostics and Wellness. The name ‘SastaSundar’ is derived from a popular Indian phrase in terms of consumer experience of Savings and Quality. SastaSundar exists to use knowledge and digital connectivity to reduce cost and add convenience in making available high-quality medicines, healthcare products and services to make life simple and happy.

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