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Bangladesh Pacer Tanzim Hasan Sakib Slammed For Misogynist Remarks

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“I feel sorry for you that you don’t consider your mother a normal human being,” Prity further added.

Writer Swakrito Noman wants an apology from Sakib for all the remarks he has made so far.

Journalist Mejbaul Haque said, “The status of such a distorted form of misogyny is unacceptable. No matter how big a star he is!”

Sakib was part of Bangladesh’s U -19 World Cup squad that won the World Title back in 2020. In the Bangla Tigers’ final Asia Cup 2023 against India, he finished with an impressive figure of 2/32 in 7.5 overs. In his very first senior match, he picked up the wicket of India captain Rohit Sharma and inspired his nation to a thrilling 6-run victory.

The matter has been brought to Bangladesh Cricket Board’s (BCB) attention as well and they will be looking into it.

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