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It Will Be Very Emotional Moment For Me



Virat Kohli is just three hundreds shy of breaking Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 49 ODI tons. 

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Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar share a light moment during IPL 2023. (Image: RCB/Twitter)

New Delhi: Virat Kohli is just three centuries shy of reaching Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 49b ODI international hundreds and breaking that would be an emotional moment for the former India skipper. While Tendulkar ended his career at 49 ODI tons, Kohli’s tally stands at 46.

“It will be a very emotional moment for me,” Kohli said when asked about the milestone during a promotional event. With 75 international centuries to his name, Kohli also has the chance to break Tendulkar’s record of 100 hundreds.

The former RCB skipper also recalled his childhood memories of playing cricket with older boys and highlighted the importance of sports. “Sports teaches you some values of life, discipline and planning. It opens up your side, making you a productive person.

“No matter which profession you are in, the value of playing sport is immense,” he added. Kohli also urged the parents to not just send their children to play sports but also teach the kids about the game in detail.

“Don’t make them [students] just play sports, teach them. It is important to teach them small details of what it means to play a sport,” Kohli said before adding that his school’s vice principal advised him to religiously follow cricket.”

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