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KL Rahul Speaks of Injury, Mental Health Ahead of India-Pakistan Super 4 CLASH

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India vs Pakistan, Asia Cup: Will KL Rahul edge Ishan Kishan to the playing XI today?

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KL Rahul was seen during the indoor net session at Colombo. (Pic: KL Rahul Twitter handle)

Colombo: Star India wicketkeeper KL Rahul has joined the Indian cricket team after recovering from an injury. Now, with India set to play Pakistan in the Asia Cup Super 4 clash today, the big question is – will Rahul find a spot in the playing XI? While speculations are rife over will he or won’t he play, the  Indian cricket board posted a clip of the stylish right-handed batter where the latter speaks about his injury and mental health. He speaks about how he came back from a very dark phase. Here is the clip posted by the Indian board.

“I’m feeling good, obviously good to be back with the team. It’s been quite some time that I’ve been away from the game, but yeah, obviously happy to be back and everything worked out right on schedule. So yeah, I’m happy that I could take off all the boxes. Obviously it’s quite painful, but also quite simple. I just tried to chase a ball and my tendon snapped. I had a full-fledged tear, my tendon ripped apart from my quadriceps. So, you know, when it happened, I was obviously, I had me, my family, the franchise, the team, everybody had their fingers crossed, hoping that wasn’t a big tear, it was a small strain, or I could get better in a couple of weeks. But once we did the scans in a couple of days, we knew it was a full tear, and it was quite clear that in terms of how I can get better from this injury was to go under the knife and do surgery. So yes, we did speak to a couple of people” said KL Rahul.

“But we knew the minute we saw the scan. I mean, not me, I’m not an expert, but the physios knew right away that surgery was the only way and that was the route that we had to take. So it took us a few days to really decide where I need to go for surgery and who’s the best surgeon. And like to thank BCCI and the physios and the doctors involved who made sure that I got the best treatment, made sure I went and saw the best surgeon and it all happened really quickly and taken care of at that time you really need support from people around you and I got that at the right time. When you have a surgery the most important thing is for you to respect that you put your body through something very big. You’ve had a big repair so you have to respect it and give your body enough time to recover. I think skills for me at least I mean I knew that I only needed a few weeks to get back get back in touch or just I gave myself only a couple of weeks or three weeks time to really, you know, to get back to playing cricket and getting that skill part of it sorted. The big thing was to feel confident in my own body and be pain-free and, you know, be pain-free in movements that require a lot of intensity, especially I knew coming back I’ll have to wicket-keep as well and that was one of the big concerns for physios and for me, a big question mark in my head that” KL Rahul added.


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