The devastating fire in the Bagbazar

The devastating fire in the Bagbazar

By Smita Das

About 100 houses in the Hazari slum had destroyed in the devastating fire in Bagbazar. The whole area was in an uproar over the fire. Cooking gas cylinders exploded one after another at the sound of cracking ears. On the other hand, the fire spread rapidly due to the north wind speed at the entrance of Capricorn. Even towards the petrol pump on the other side of the road, provoked even greater danger. Thousands of slums on Khirod Vidyabinod Avenue in Bagbazar are burning amidst panic and screams from locals and pedestrians.

Countless people took to the streets from Wednesday Evening to Night. Sarada’s mother’s house is within a few hundred meters of this floor of Bagbazar. The fire damaged the back of the office ‘Udbhodhan’ of Ramakrishna Mission’s newspaper in Bagbazar. And it also was not left out by Bagbazar Women’s College. But fire brigade had to play the role of a silent spectator at one point when he reached the scene. The fire brigade had to get enough speed to control the fire in the initial stage. The five of the fire brigade vehicle had vandalized by the burnt mob for allegedly arriving a little late. They are vandalism by the police car. Traffic stops for this purpose. Girish Park and Central Avenue had reached by a long line of vehicles. The same night, Firhad Hakim, the Minister of Urban Development, returned from Gangasagar to Bagbazar. Additional police officers have to be an assignment to the managed situation, as well the RAF has to be deployed.

A fire broke out in the slum near Bagbazar Bridge around 7 pm on Wednesday. The fire spread in an instant. One house after another in the slum had engulfed in flames. The situation became more awkward with the north wind blowing. The fire brigade fought with 30 engines. At 10:30 pm, Jagmohan said that the fire was under control. Although by that time, about one a half hundred houses had burnt to ashes.

According to police reports, at around 7.45 pm, a cylinder exploded in a slum house and set it on fire. It spreads fast because of its high speed. The dangerous cause of the fire incident once an aside had settled that there is confusion on the antidote of corona in the state. However, the fire did not reach Bagbazar’s Central Medical Shop, where the vaccine has kept there.


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