‘My Name is Jaan’ returns on stage

By: Mahiyan Chakrabarti

‘My Name Is Jaan’ returns on the stage at GD Birla Sabhaghar on December 18 at 6.30 pm.

Earlier in September the red carpet premiere of this show was staged. Lotus Makeup Presents My Name is Jaan received overwhelming compliments from the audience. 
This musical solo is the unique form of stage performance where Arpita alone performs for almost 2 hours – while singing, dancing,narrating and acting.  
Director Abanti Chakraborty has excelled in creating this magic through Arpita.
Arpita sings 9 songs – of various gharana and language live on stage. Her mellifluous voice and quality music composition of Joy Sakar keepthe audience enthralled.
My Name is Jaan is an engrossing depiction of Gauhar Jaan,the first voice recorded in India and considered one of the most enigmatic legends in Indian music history.  
The play is a first-person narrative with a feminist undertone. The 95 minutes show, separated by an interval, takes the audience back in time as if they are experiencing history.   
Arpita’ s singing is a class apart in this play. The audience enjoyed every bit of it even if he/she is not a connoisseur of classical music.
Arpita Chatterjee the solo actor of’My Name Is Jaan’ said, “It is dedication, hard work and passion to captivate the audience while playing Gauhar Jaan. I realized singing rejuvenates me. It was sheer ecstasy to receive all the accolades and I am privileged to be back again.  As a woman, I completely relate to Gauhar! I never give up and no adversity has ever dampened my spirit. Kolkata is indeed the city where an artist always gets its due no matter whatthe circumstance is.”
The director of ‘My name is Jaan’, Abanti Chakraborty also added, “Working on Gahar Jaan’s biography was a dream come true for me. This is a very different endeavor for me than any of my previous works. Without Arpita,the entire crew, and the production assistance, ‘My Name Is Jaan’ would not have been achievable.’ 

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