By: Mahiyan Chakrabarti

Vineeta Agarwal and Ushoshi Sengupta launches ‘VinzBerry’

Vineeta Agrawal, the founder, launched VinzBerry’s range of products in Kolkata. The launch was hosted by Ushoshi Sengupta in the presence of several esteemed guests, renowned actors, models and celebrity stylists.

‘VinzBerry’, a revolutionary wellness range conceived out of practical needs and daily hygiene concerns of women, offers a host of intimate care products which are affordable and absolutely essential.

Founder Vineeta Agrawal, a CA by profession, launched the brand after much research about the kind of hygiene problems that women face on a daily basis while using public restrooms. Their products range from body care, intimate body care, intimate hygiene, underarm care, intimate care, protection mist, chafing lightening cream and more. These carefully curated products that are cruelty-free, paraben-free and made of natural ingredients cater to a host of hygiene and wellness issues.’VinzBerry’ is not just a product range, but also a platform for women to voice their concerns about intimate hygiene amongst like-minded individuals, without the fear of judgment. Their vision is to come up with solutions for hygiene problems that women face right from puberty to old age.

Vineeta has travelled across the country for her profession, where she faced issues with hygiene and contracted UTIs several times. She then started talking to women in the family, colleagues and friends who seemed to have had similar experiences. This made her to decide to make a change and she started researching in this area, taking almost 18 months to finally conceive ‘VinzBerry’ with a hope that the products may provide relief to women and also create a platform for opening up a conversation about intimate

This initiative of launching the women’s intimate hygiene care brand ‘VinzBerry’ by Vineeta will definitely bring a path-breaking solution for the working women of this generation.

‘VinzBerry’ is now available in Amazon, Flipcart and in various outlets of Eye-Catchers.


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