Vedic Mathematics shall be the new hope for improving the standards of education in India says Gaurav Tekriwal, founder of Vedic Maths Forum

Vedic Mathematics shall be the new hope for improving the standards of education in India says Gaurav Tekriwal, founder of Vedic Maths Forum

In a statement issued by Gaurav Tekriwal, whose Vedic Maths Forum has been making headlines by spreading Vedic mathematics to more than 4 million in India, South Africa, United States, Australia, UAE, Ghana and Colombia, says,  “The year 2020 has been riddled with waves of change, be it a 360-degree turn in the way we live our lives to the sweeping changes the New Education Policy has bought in schools and higher education. The new policy has focused on developing critical and mathematical thinking among students and reducing the “burden” of syllabus focusing on core subjects. 

Needless to say, to excel in any subject the foundational learning plays a key role. A significant portion of students in the majority of the classrooms is first generational learners in India, who come from a disadvantaged background. This proves to be challenging both for the student and teacher to build a base and ensure foundational strength for further learning”.

“One such core subject, which has caused many dreams to be throttled at the beginning, is Mathematics. The subject is seen as complex, difficult and tiring by students. However, since mathematics helps build critical thinking and scientific temperament among children a renewed focused is required on the subject. And like P M Narendra Modi, advised Usman to study Vedic Mathematics to excel in competitive exams in his “Mann Ki Baat” programme. He beautifully articulated that once one can learn to do Vedic Maths they will become magicians due to the speed of their mental calculations in the entire classroom.

The concept of Vedic Mathematics, like the name suggests, is linked to the knowledge we get from Vedas. This entire strategy alluded us until 1911 and was bought to light again by Indian mathematician Jagadguru Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji. Along with the knowledge he received from the Vedas, he incorporated mathematical principles from Shulva-Sutras, Buddhist texts, Jain texts to Aryabhata, Varahamihira, Brahmagupta and modern-day Ramanujan and Shakuntala Devi in it. This is why Vedic Maths is also called Indian Mathematics or Hindu Mathematics”. 

For the majority of the students appearing for competitive exams, from IIT to CAT, a deciding factor of their fate has always rested on one subject- Mathematics. Two factors decide whether the student will cross the finishing line or not – speed and accuracy. Vedic Maths has proven to improve both, and also provide tools for quick verification of results. 

The next step after understanding the importance of Vedic Mathematics should be incorporation. As a result, the Government of India is also finding channels to speed up the adoption and reach of this knowledge to improve the quality of education across the country. Vedic Maths Forum of India is working closely with the Government of India.

Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan- an initiative by the Government of India to improve the effectiveness of schools and provide quality education from nursery to Class 12, has partnered with Vedic Maths Forum of India in the Union territory of Silvassa to impart education about Vedic mathematics to  7000+ students and improve the foundational learning of mathematics among students. For this, the Vedic Maths Forum of India deployed 16 teachers across 25 schools and trained the students on Vedic Mathematics techniques and tools for 30 days with the co-operation of the schools. An average improvement of 25% seen on the final tests compared to baseline tests. Just not this, the students “phobia” and perception about mathematics changed drastically and an improvement in attendance was also seen across the schools. 

After the success in Silvassa, the forum has tripled their base of students to 650 during the trying times of Covid-19. We have onboarded more teachers to ensure quality education to the incoming students, while the teachers are working double shifts to ensure each student gets the attention required to learn. 

In line with NEP, the Forum has translated its website into Hindi and will be soon incorporating 10 more languages for ease of access and reach. 

These efforts can be seen having a long-lasting influence on the education and thinking of a student. The road is twisted and long to implement an all India policy to incorporate Vedic Maths and its benefits in every school. However, with sustained steps and hope for funding by the Vedic Maths Forum of India the future seems bright for the spread of Vedic Mathematics and its adoption not only India but also emerging markets which are in need of quality education”, concludes Tekriwal,   a five-time TED/TED X Speaker, a published author of renowned books about Vedic Mathematics and has been recognised for his contribution to the field of Vedic Mathematics by the Honorable Governor of West Bengal. 

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