Writer-Director Sayan Basu Chowdhurycompleted his next ‘Golpe Mora Chupkotha’ after unlock

Writer-Director Sayan Basu Chowdhurycompleted his next ‘Golpe Mora Chupkotha’ after unlock

After ‘Kichu Na Bola Kotha & ‘Megh Bristir Malt‘  writer-Director Sayan Basu Chowdhury completed his next

‘Golpe Mora Chupkotha’ after unlock. The shooting of the film was completed before lockdown. Post lockdown Sayan and his team finished the dubbing and post-production. Now the film is ready to release once the cinema halls will be opened.

“The film is all about love. Love has different shapes and forms

 ‘Golpe Mora Chupkotha’ says about that only.

We will release it in theaters only once the cinema halls will be opened. I am hopeful about the film” said the director.

Moving Reels Entertainment &  Amit Acharyya Films present ‘GOLPE MORA CHUPKOTHA’


Moubani Sorcar, Ishaan Mazumder, Bibriti Chatterjee, Abhishek Singh, Sritama Dey, Sanghamitra Talukder, Krishanu Dasgupta,

Sayantan Mukherjee & Ashok Roy.

Subham Nandi, Jit Chakraborty, Dristi Mondal, Husne Shabnam.

Music- Amit Mitra & Anupam Aich

Produced By

Sarbani Basu Chowdhury & Amit Acharyya

Story, Screenplay & Directed By

Sayan Basu Chowdhury


‘Golpe Mora Chupkotha’ presents 6 Short stories narrated by An old man and his Granddaughter (Ashok Roy & Dristi Mondal).

The first story is about a Married Couple Surjo and Ishani (Abhishek Singh & Sritama Dey) where the girl works at an office as the husband takes care of Household Chores. It presents a day in their life.

The Second Story is a road movie about two strangers Ronit & Lisa(Ishaan Mazumder & Bibriti Chatterjee) who meet while going on a trip and get to know each other throughout their journey.

The Third short showcases a thriller depicting a session between a Mentally Unstable Girl

(Moubani Sorcar) and her psychiatrist.

The fourth Story depicts a tale Of two lovers, Samrat & Priyanka (Krishanu Dasgupta & Sanghamitra Talukder) separated years back as they meet during a script reading for a movie and things take a turn.

The rest two shorts

about love in a different way feature Sayantan Mukherjee, Subham Nandi, Jit Chakraborty, Husne Shabnam & Others.

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