Asian Paints’ heart-warming tribute to West Bengal’s creativity, traditions, and the spirit of Pujo

For nearly four decades, Asian Paints has been an inseparable part of Kolkata’s vibrant Durga Pujo celebrations through its beloved initiative, Sharad Shamman. Asian Paints doesn’t just participate, it truly immerses itself in the rich culture of Bengal, embodying the essence of a ‘sholo ana Bangali’ brand. The company’s deep understanding and connection with Bengali culture has allowed it to be an integral part ofthe creative evolution and artistic enhancement of Durga Pujo celebrations. As the festive season approaches, Asian Paints once again extends a warm gesture to the people of West Bengal. This time, they introduce two meaningful creative enhancements, meticulously crafted to capture the very soul of West Bengal.

In a heartfelt tribute to the vibrant culture and people of West Bengal, Asian Paints, for the first time ever, has launched a special heritage-inspired festive pack for their luxury interior paint, Royale Glitz. Additionally, the company has orchestrated a magnificenttransformation of Kolkata’s iconic tram fromTollygunge to Ballygunge into a living canvas, celebrating Kolkata tram’s 150th year.Both these unique creations encapsulate the very essence of West Bengal’s vibrant culture and traditions, which have been a constant source of inspiration for Asian Paints.

Royale Glitz Festive Pack

West Bengal is a treasure trove of mesmerising experiences, and Asian Paints latest creation, the heritage-inspired limited edition festive pack for Royale Glitz with in mold labelling (IML) packaging, perfectly captures this essence. The packaging features an exciting, augmented reality (AR) integration, allowing customers to immerse themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of West Bengal. With a simple scan of the Royale Glitz can, consumers can embark on a virtual journey through the state’s heritage, witnessing its art, music, cuisine, dance, and architecture come to life in stunning augmented reality. The artwork in the AR features the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Howrah Bridge, the ever-famous Ilish fish, Bankura Horse, Chau Dance, Alpana Art and more. This innovative packaging is more than just a can of paint; it’s a gateway to the soul of West Bengal.

Asian Paints Royale Glitz | Special Edition Pack – A Tribute to West Bengal –

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Kolkata Tram Festive Makeover

Kolkata’s iconic tram, dating back to 1873, is a symbol of the city’s history and charm. To celebrate this milestone, Asian Paints has given the tram from Tollygunge to Ballygunge a remarkable makeover coinciding with Kolkata’s most important month of celebration. The tram on the Tollygunge route covers all the famous areas known to have historic and significant Pujo pandals, making it the ideal choice for this transformation.

Two bogies of the tram have been beautified by Asian Paints. The exteriors of the first bogie capture the extraordinary 38-year journey of Asian Paints Sharad Shamman (APSS) in Kolkata. It features hand-painted artworks honouring Kumartuli – the traditional potters’ quarter in North Kolkata where Durga idols are sculpted. It also encapsulates Sindoor khela and Dhunuchi dance. The exterior artwork showcases the first print advertisement and the first winning pandal. The bogie also highlights the unique stories featured in ‘People of Pujo’ – a documentary series capturing the lives and passions of those who make Pujo the celebration what it is! On the tram we see a visually impaired artist who has commendable skills and women dhakis who challenge the masculine stronghold of the performing arts.

Insidethe bogie, the makeover includesPujo decor with cane installations, Alpona art, and a museum-style visual narrative of APSS’ transformative journey. Interactive elements and QR codes engage visitors with “People of Pujo” stories, allowing consumers to explore the stories of the people behind Durga Pujo festivities as they enjoy the tram ride.

Stepping into the second bogie which is the Royale Glitz bogie transports passengers to a heritage Kolkata location, mirroring the luxurious appeal of the paint. The interiors boast the ultra-sheen finish of Royale Glitz and offers a Glitz photo booth for an immersive experience. The exteriors are inspired by West Bengal’s culture and landmarks, featuring augmented realityelements. The artwork on this bogie reflects the dramatic elements of the packaging.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Amit Syngle, CEO and MD, Asian Paints Limited, shared, “Since 1985, Asian Paints has been an integral part of West Bengal’s Durga Puja festivities through Asian Paints Sharad Shamman. It has been able to add to infuse creativity& thematic excellence across Pujo Pandals & allowed us to be a part of the celebration in a special way. This year, we are taking our celebrations to the next level with creative initiatives that pay tribute to the culture and traditions of West Bengal. The unique packaging for Royale Glitz seamlessly blends the wonders of technology with the timeless allure of West Bengal’s beauty. We have taken inspiration from native elements of West Bengal like the Bengal Tiger, Tram, Howrah Bridge& Baul to name a few and used it on our Pujo packaging for Glitz. We’ve also undertaken a complete transformation of the tram from Tollygunge to Ballygunge, turning it into the talk of the town just in time for Kolkata’s most revered DurgaPujo festival. We believe in making art accessible for all and we are sure with this tram beautification initiative it will also add back to the legacy of Bengal in an extremely meaningful way.”

Asian Paints onboarded XXL Collective from the St+art India family as creative partners for the unique transformation of the tram. Sharing more insights into the artwork, Arjun Bahl, Founder, XXL Collective said, “As we step aboard this tram ride through the streets of Kolkata, we get a glimpse of a journey that is a tribute to the city’s rich cultural heritage. This project, creativelyled by XXL Collective, is a labour of love aimed at celebrating the 40-year odyssey of Asian Paints Sharad Shamman and the unveiling of their latest creation, Royale Glitz. Our collaboration with Asian Paints underscores our shared vision of making art more accessible and immersive. This was a milestone for us as well, transforming a simple tram ride into a cultural experience, reimagining the possibilities of public spaces in our city. As we pay homage to the past and embrace the future, we aspire for Kolkata to become a canvas where art and culture thrive, bringing this experience closer to every resident.”

Speaking on the launch of the Tribute To West Bengal initiatives, leading Bengali actor, Abir Chatterjee said, “I would like to applaud Asian Paints for their meaningful tribute to West Bengal and its vibrant culture. Asian Paints Sharad Shamman, often dubbed the ‘Oscars of Pujo,’ holds a special place in my heart. Having had the privilege of judging in 2015 and 2018, I’ve experienced the magic they bring to Durga Puja firsthand. Their tireless efforts have elevated this celebration, making it even more extraordinary and inspiring for pandals. This year, they’ve taken creativity a notch higher with the makeover of Kolkata’s quintessential tram, a truly wonderful way to celebrate the culture and the people of West Bengal.”

Sharing her views on the occasion, popular Bengali actor, Sohini Sarkar said, “I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Asian Paints for its ‘Tribute to Bengal’ initiative. I must say that I’m absolutely in love with the concept behind the unique packaging design for Royale Glitz’s festive pack and the integration of augmented reality. It’s centred around the vibrant culture and people of West Bengal and is a brilliant way to celebrate the essence of this beautiful state.”

As styles, trends, and attitudes evolve over the decades, one thing has remained constant in West Bengal —the spirit of celebration. Throughout these years, Asian Paints Sharad Shamman has proudly maintained its status as Kolkata’s beloved Pujo Awards since 1985. It symbolizes a commitment to nurturing, inspiring, and championing creativity and aesthetic excellence in Durga Puja pandals. It has been at the forefront of transforming pandals from simple setups to vibrant hubs of art, culture, and limitless creativity.

From creative pandals, Asian Paints has also gone behind the scenes to recognize and celebrate the people who make Durga Puja memorable for all. Sharad Shamman stands tall almost four decades on, due to the efforts of every artisan, artist, sculptor, committee members who works tirelessly behind the scenes. In tribute to these remarkable people and the pandals that have been a part of the Asian Paints Sharad Shamman journey over the last four decades, Asian Paints has released a short video.

Asian Paints Sharad Shamman 2023 – The Festival of Creativity:

About Asian Paints Limited: Since its foundation in 1942, Asian Paints has come a long way to become India’s leading and Asia’s second largest paint company, with a consolidated turnover of ₹ 34,489 crores (₹ 345 billion). Asian Paints operates in 15 countries and has 27 paint manufacturing facilities in the world, servicing consumers in over 60 countries. Asian Paints has always been a leader in the paint industry, innovating and introducing new concepts in India like Colour Ideas, Safe Painting Service, Colour Next and Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Stores. Asian Paints manufactures a wide range of paints for Decorative and Industrial use for interior and exterior walls. Their portfolio also includes SmartCare range for waterproofing, WoodTech products for wood finishes and Adhesives range for all surfaces. The company is also present in the “Home Improvement and Decor segment” and offers bath and kitchen products. The company also introduced lightings, furnishings, and furniture in its portfolio and offers a range of safe and supervised painting and interior design services.

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