IIM Bangalore Alumni Association Enters 50th Year Of Its Existence,Launches Year-Long Golden Jubilee Celebrations

IIM Bangalore Alumni Association (IIMBAA)
celebrated 50 years of rich and glorious history of IIMB as part of the
Golden Jubilee celebrations worldwide at Golden Anusmaran of IIMBAA
(Kolkata Chapter) on 7th October, 2023.

Anusmaran 2023 is Annual Get-Together of Kolkata Chapter Alumni – alumni
across Five East and Eight North-East States of India. To mark the
occasion, IIMBAA, Kolkata Chapter announced that it will be launching
Pioneering Social Sector Initiatives by mentoring students and upscale
trainees at Ramakrishna Mission Shilpamandira, Belur Math. The
announcement was made in the presence of Swami Vedatitananda, Head,
Ramakrishna Mission Shilpamandira on that day.

Mr VivekKaul, Director (IIMBAA Kolkata Chapter) Independent Director,
Faculty and Researcher of Entrepreneurship Ecosystems, Mr.Abhijit Roy,
CEO (Berger Paints India Ltd) and Dy Director (IIMBAA Kolkata Chapter),
Mr.MoloyChandanChakraborty, IIMB Alumnus, currently Jute Commissioner
and Acting Secretary – National Jute Board, Swami Vedatitananda, Head of
Ramakrishna Mission Shilpamandiraand other Alumni Functionarieswere
present during the occasion.

This initiative aims at mentoring the students of Ramakrishna Mission
Shilpamandira in a Peer-to-Peer process and facilitating internships in
industry for them. The Alumni will invite and engage with other business
school alumni to augment our resources as equal partners and deploy
learning resources from international experts in this pioneering
initiative to train these students to become role models of society in

“Berger Paints is already in collaboration with the RKMS on a
Nano-Technology based – Research and Development Project. This new
technology will further ease out paint technique in the long run,”
Mr.Abhijit Roy said.

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“We always believed that giving back to society in a pay-it-forward
model is important and that could be achieved by offering opportunities
to those less privileged with the help of mindset of DEI (Diversity,
Equity and Inclusion),” said Mr VivekKaul.

“We are also mulling the idea of organising job fairs in association
with RKM after we place our proposals with the head of the organisation.
It is always beneficial for the students as they look forward for
opportunities to go-ahead with their careers,” Mr.UjjawalGalada, Deputy
Director (IIMBAA Kolkata Chapter) and Associate Vice President, Emami

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