Showcasing Parametric Designs In Shaping a Sustainable Future

:In an endeavour to push the boundaries of
design innovation, ABID (Association of Architects, Builders, Interior
Designer and Allied Trade) is proud to present a dynamic seminar on
Parametric Designs, scheduled for September 29, 2023, at the esteemed
ITC ,Kolkata.
Eminent architects Mr.SushantVerma, Co-founder & Design Head, rat[LAB],
Mr.MonishSiripurapu, Founder, Ant Studio,Mr.ShridharMamidalaa, Founded,
Sri Design Lab, shared their knowledge and expertise on the principles
andapplication of Parametric designs in Architecture and interiors.
The event included a panel discussion on ‘Parametrics for Sustainable
Future’,    addressed by eminent architects from the city – Mr. JP
Agrawal, Director, Agrawal & Agrawal Architects, Mr. Kamal Periwal,
Founder, Maheshwari& Associates, Mr.Vivek Singh Rathore, Director,
Salient Design Studio.
The program will also include felicitations and the presentation of
student awards, recognizing outstanding achievements in the field of
“ABID, the driving force behind this seminar, stands at the forefront of
architectural advancement, with a mission to foster creativity and
innovation in the architectural community. The organization
iscommittedto empowering architects and designers with the knowledge and
tools to shape a sustainable future,” Mr Kamlesh Agarwal, President of
ABID said.
An exhibition showcasing the practical applications of Artificial
Intelligence in conjunction with Parametric Design was also showcased
during the event for the participants of the event. This exhibition
offered attendees a first-hand experience of the cutting-edge technology
driving innovation in the field of design.
Convenor of the event Ms.Deepa Agarwal, who is also an accomplished
architect with a passion for pushing the boundaries of designhas been
instrumental in curating the programme.
About ABID:
  ABID (Architects, Builders, Interior Designers and Allied) is a leading
organization dedicated to promoting excellence and innovation in
architecture. With a global network of visionary architects, ABID is
committed to shaping a sustainable and vibrant future through design.

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