‘Racist, Fascist, and Oppressive,’ Priyanka Gandhi Slams BJP-led Government Left, Right, and Centre

Gandhi contended that the nation was standing in the eye of a storm, with the BJP, its allies, and its supreme leader wreaking havoc on the soul of India.

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Priyanka Gandhi
“Racist, Fascist, and Oppressive,” Priyanka Gandhi Slams BJP-led Government left, right, and centre

Thrissur, Kerala:  In a scathing attack on the BJP-led central government, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra accused the administration of being a “racist, fascist, and oppressive” regime that seeks to change the Indian Constitution “written with the blood of freedom fighters.” Speaking at a poll rally in Chalakudy Lok Sabha seat, Gandhi alleged that the government was working for the benefit of the Prime Minister’s “monopolist friends” while protecting rapists and oppressors of women.

“Standing in the Eye of a Storm”

Gandhi contended that the nation was standing in the eye of a storm, with the BJP, its allies, and its supreme leader wreaking havoc on the soul of India. She urged the people to awaken and embrace the ways of love, compassion, and humility, as taught by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.

“How can we watch in silence while our beloved country is overrun by the untamed ego, greed, and ruthless arrogance of the BJP, its allies, and its supreme leader?” Gandhi asked, emphasising the onerous responsibility of the citizens towards their country.

The Battle for India’s Soul

The Congress leader highlighted the great battle taking place across the nation, with one side seeking to distract and divide people, while the other fights for the India built from the toil of its people and the blood of its martyrs. She accused the government of treating the Constitution as an instrument of their own greed and ambition, disregarding the rights to liberty, equality, and brotherhood it upholds.

Oppression and Silencing of Dissent

Gandhi likened the government to “thugs” who oppress those who raise their heads in protest and alleged that the Centre harasses, accuses, and imprisons those who dare to speak against it. She claimed that policies were made for the benefit of the PM’s “monopolist friends” while the masses were pushed into unemployment and poverty.

The Congress leader also accused the government of being silent on the protests in Ladakh over the alleged Chinese encroachment and only hearing the voices of farmers when elections were approaching. She alleged that the government agencies meant to protect the law were being turned into “unlawful extortionists” and used to silence voices of dissent.

A Fight for the Soul of the Nation

Gandhi urged the people to choose wisely in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, terming it a “fight for the soul of this great nation.” She called for a democratic India that stood valiantly against tyranny and inequality, urging voters to choose with the force of Dharma in their hearts and the power of truth in their beings.

As the nation gears up for the crucial Lok Sabha elections, Priyanka Gandhi’s strong words against the BJP-led government have added fuel to the already heated political atmosphere. The battle for India’s soul, as she puts it, is set to be a fierce one, with the future of the nation hanging in the balance.

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