BJP Working Better Than US, Says State Congress Chief Pratibha Singh

Himachal Pradesh State Congress head, Pratibha Singh asked CM Sukhu to strengthen the party in order to compete in the upcoming general elections.

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Himachal Political Crisis: 'BJP Working Better Than Us', Says State Congress Chief Pratibha Singh
Pratibha Singh said that BJP runs its operations more effectively.

Shimla: Amid the political uncertainty in Himachal Pradesh, state Congress chief Pratibha Singh made a noteworthy statement on Friday, acknowledging the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) superior performance compared to the grand old party. She highlighted that the BJP’s initiatives, guided by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have been more impactful. Singh emphasised that the Congress has significant ground to cover in terms of its operations and effectiveness. She also acknowledged the need for the Congress to enhance its efforts and efficiency to match the BJP’s performance. “A lot of things remain to be done in Congress. As a MP, I visit my constituency and try to interact with the local people and solve their problems. It is true that the BJP’s working is better than ours,” the Himachal Pradesh Congress chief told ANI on Friday.

Request To Strengthen The Party

Pratibha Singh went on to say that she has asked CM Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, to fortify the organization. “From day 1, I had been telling the CM that we would be able to face the upcoming elections only if he strengthens the organisation. This is a very tough situation for us. We can see a lot of difficulties on the ground. As per the directions of PM Modi, BJP is going to do a lot of things…We are on weak footing there. I urged him again and again that we need to strengthen and the party needs to be organised…I can say that it is a difficult time. Still, we have to contest elections and win,” she added.

Congress On Weak Foot

“We are on a weak foot there,” said Pratibha. I repeatedly reminded him that the party needs to be organized and that we need to get stronger.It is undoubtedly a challenging period. We still need to run for office and be successful.

Earlier on Thursday, Pratibha and her son Vikramaditya Singh, an MLA, persisted in applying pressure to Chief Minister Sukhu by highlighting matters they believed to be “incorrect.”

Wife of former Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, Pratibha Singh seemed to support the six rebel MLAs who had cross voted in the Rajya Sabha elections, stating that it was normal for MLAs to be angry.

Why Were The MLAs Angry?

“Yes, without a doubt. Why not? It is understandable that they would be upset if you ignored them or didn’t listen to them after more than a year. This would not have happened if you had sat them down, talked to them, and worked out a solution,” Pratibha Singh remarked in response to a question.

Vikramaditya Singh, a cabinet minister and son of Partibha Singh, met with the chief minister on Friday and decided not to seek for his resignation.

Jairam Thakur’s Prediction On Congress’ Tenure

Earlier, opposition leader Jairam Thakur claims that the Congress government will not serve out its entire tenure.

“We are doing nothing but sitting here. They are involved in whatever is happening. We are aware of the current political developments. However, the unethical and incorrect tactics used to save the government—the suspension of six Congress MLAs and the disqualification of BJP MLAs—as well as a few rash judgments, have damaged the CM’s reputation throughout the state. “This should be clear to him,” Jairam Thakur remarked.

Current Position Of Congress

Notably, in the 68-member state assembly following the 2022 Assembly elections, the Congress had 40 MLAs while the BJP had 25. Independents occupied the final three seats. The six disqualified defector MLAs have reduced the House’s strength from 68 to 62, with 32 serving as the midway point.

The Congress now has 34 MLAs, while the BJP, including independents, has 28 after losing six MLAs. Now, the Congress’s future will depend on its capacity to maintain the unity of the rest of its flock.

The Congress, which had a comfortable majority in the legislature, lost Tuesday’s Rajya Sabha poll, which set off the state’s political turmoil.

(With inputs from ANI)

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