PM Modi Holds Roundtable With Top Indian Gamers; Urges Focus On Tackling Global Warming, Climate Change

PM Narendra Modi Saturday interacted with a group of young Indian gamers and discussed pressing issues like global warming and climate change.

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PM Modi Interacts With Indian Gamers; Discusses Global Warming, Climate Change

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Saturday interacted with top Indian gamers and urged them to focus on games which tackle critical environmental issues such as global warming and climate which the world is facing today.

While interacting with Top Indian Gamers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi discusses the issues of Global warming and climate change. PM Modi says “People have offered different solutions. I have laid an alternate solution called ‘Mission LIFE’ which advocates for changing our daily lifestyle to benefit the environment. Now, envision a game aimed at addressing global climate issues, where the gamer must explore various methods and solutions to identify the most sustainable approach. What are these steps? How do we navigate through it and choose the best approach for success? Take Swachhata as an example, the game theme could revolve around cleanliness and every child should play this game. The youth should embrace Indian values and understand their true significance…”

On being asked by the Gamers if there can be a regulatory body (for Gaming), PM Modi says “To regulate would not be ideal because it is the nature of government to intervene, that is its fundamental nature. Either impose restrictions under the law or try to understand and mould it basis our country’s needs. Bring it under an organised, legal structure and uplift the reputation. Once that is achieved, it will be hard for anyone to bring it down. My endeavour is to uplift the nation to a level that by 2047, the middle class does not require unnecessary government intervention. Otherwise, we will remain trapped in the cycle of paperwork, documents and legal systems. It is the poor who need the government the most in difficult times…”

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