Prime Minister Targets At Shakti Remark, Calls It Insult To Hindu Religion And Faith

In a rally, PM Modi has launched an attack on Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Shakti’ Remark and has called it an ‘insult to the Hindu religion and faith’..

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PM Modi vs Rahul Gandhi (PTI)
PM Modi vs Rahul Gandhi (PTI)

New Delhi: The Election Commission of India (ECI) has formally announced the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Dates and the political parties have sprung into action, to prepare for the upcoming polls. Political attacks, slamming each other’s statements to woo the audience is all part of the election preparations. In a latest political development, while addressing a rally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has targetted Rahul Gandhi‘s ‘Shakti’ remark and has called it an ‘insult to Hindu Religion and Hindu Faith’. This happened when PM Modi was addressing a rally in Tamil Nadu’s Salem. The Prime Minister accused the INDIA bloc leaders of “deliberately insulting” Hindu dharma and said that their every statement against the religion is very “well thought out”. Here’s what he said…

PM Modi vs Rahul Gandhi Over Latter’s ‘Shakti’ Remark

As mentioned earlier, attacking Congress leader on his ‘Shakti’ remark he made in Mumbai during his Bharat Nyay Jodo Yatra, PM Modi has called it an ‘insult to the Hindu religion and Hindu faith’. Prime Minister Modi again slammed Rahul Gandhi over his ‘Shakti’ remark and said that the election campaign has just started, and the plans of the INDI Alliance have been revealed in their first rally itself. “During their first rally in Mumbai, they made statements about destroying ‘Shakti’, about fighting against ‘Shakti’. Their statement has been a sheer insult to the Hindu religion, Hindu faith,” he added.

PM Modi further said, “Mariamman yahan ki Shakti hai. In Tamil Nadu Kanchi Kamakshi is ‘Shakti’, Madurai Meenakshi is ‘Shakti’…Congress, DMK and the INDI alliance says they will destroy this (Shakti). Hamare shastra sakshi hai ki vinash unka hota hai jo Shakti ko khatam karne ka vichar rakhte hai. In Hindu Dharma, ‘Shakti’ means Matra Shakti, Naari Shakti.”

‘When It Comes To Hindu religion, They Don’t Leave Chance To Abuse, Insult it…’

“The INDI Alliance people repeatedly and deliberately insult Hinduism. Notably, every statement they make against the Hindu religion is very well thought out! The INDI Alliance of DMK and Congress does not insult any other religion. It does not utter a single word against any other religion. However, when it comes to the Hindu religion, they don’t leave any chance to abuse and insult it,” PM Modi said. The Prime Minister said that everyone witnessed the kind of behaviour the INDI alliance does with women. “You all are witness to the kind of behaviour INDI alliance does with women. When former state CM J Jayalalithaa was alive you all know how DMK leaders behaved with her. This is DMK’s real face,” he added.

DMK-Congress Two Sides Of Same Coin: PM Modi

The Prime Minister further asserted that the DMK and Congress are two sides of the same coin. “DMK and Congress are two sides of the same coin. DMK and Congress means – Big corruption and one family rule. When the country got rid of Congress, the country reached 5G technology. But in Tamil Nadu DMK is running its own 5G- one family’s fifth generation to have control over Tamil Nadu,” he added.

PM Modi said that the people are enthusiastic about the BJP, and this has been troubling the INDI Alliance. “Tamil Nadu has decided that on April 19, every vote will go to BJP, to NDA. Tamil Nadu has decided that ‘Abki Baar, 400 Paar’. For a developed India, we need ‘400 Paar’. For a developed Tamil Nadu, we need ‘400 Paar’. For a self-reliant India, we need ‘400 Paar’. Today, our entire country is watching the huge public support and love that Tamil Nadu is showering upon the BJP,” he added.

This rally comes days before the general public heads to vote, to elect the Central government, who will govern the nation for the upcoming five years. BJP, the current ruling party is extremely positive and sure about its victory in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 and has been raising the slogan of ‘Is baar, 400 Paar’.

(Inputs from ANI)

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