Tripura CM Manik Saha Grants Funds Worth Rs 100 Crores For Surrendered Militants

The authorised funds will be used to offer the militants who have surrendered a variety of support services, such as education, career development training, and job prospects.

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Tripura CM Manik Saha Grants Funds Worth Rs 100 Crores For Surrendered Militants
Tripura CM Manik Saha

Agartala: Chief Minister of Tripura Manik Saha on Monday declared that the state government has granted a package of Rs 100 crore for the surrendered militants of the Nationalist Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT), one of the proscribed outfits, who generally operated from hideouts in hilly areas of Bangladesh.
“For the NLFT activists who gave up their weapons to integrate into society, the central government has approved Rs 100 crore under the Special Economic Development Package for Indigenous People of Tripura. “They all turned away from the path of violence,” Saha stated during a public gathering on Sunday in the West Tripura district of Gabordi.

Where Will These Funds Be Used?

The sanctioned funds will be utilised to provide various support programs, including skill development training, education, and employment opportunities for the surrendered militants. He highlighted the government’s holistic approach towards conflict resolution, focusing on rehabilitation and reintegration rather than punitive measures.

PM Modi’s Contribution To Northeast

Moreover, CM Saha mentioned PM Modi as the solution to any issue, calling him the ultimate troubleshooter. “In every field, he never stops finding solutions. For example, since 2014, up to twelve agreements have been formed with the sole purpose of bringing about peace and quiet in the Northeast. The Tipra Motha Party, which just joined the ruling coalition, was the subject of the previous agreement,” said Saha.

How Did Bru Scandal Help State Govt?

He further claimed that the quadripartite deal that ended the Bru scandal is evidence of the current government’s intention and political determination to restore order.

“The Bru deal is costing an incredible Rs 600 crore. The government did little more than cry crocodile tears when the Left was in charge and did nothing to ensure that displaced Bru migrants could become citizens. The BJP government welcomed them with open arms and made them permanent citizens of Tripura. The Brus are now permanently placed in 12 areas across Tripura, and all basic amenities are available to them there,” he continued.

BJP’s Approach To Indigenous Communities

CM Manik Saha added that for the first time in Tripura’s history, the BJP-led government has valued members of the indigenous communities. “Since the BJP took office, up to seven notable Tripurans have been honored with Padma awards. Even IPFT leader NC Debbarma received the esteemed Padma Shri civilian honor posthumously,” he said.

Hostels have been opened for tribal students, according to Saha, and about Rs 1 lakh has been given out for improved coaching and hostel amenities for students from Scheduled Tribes.

(With inputs from agencies)

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