Congress Scathing Reply On PM Modi Muslim League Remark

Supriya Shrinate slammed PM Modi over his ‘stamp of the Muslim League and the Left’ targeting the party’s ‘Nyay Patra’.

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‘Hindu-Muslim’ Politics: Congress’s Scathing Reply On PM Modi’s Muslim League Remark

New Delhi: As the Lok Sabha election draws closer, Congress and the BJP have intensified their attacks on each other. The grand old party leader, Supriya Shrinate, on Monday, launched a fresh barrage of jibes at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his ‘stamp of the Muslim League and the Left’ targeting the party’s ‘Nyay Patra’. Shrinate stated that rather than informing countrymen about their report card of the last 10 years, PM Modi has ‘returned to his old script and is busy with doing Hindu-Muslim politics’.

“After running the government for 10 years, when the country is on the verge of elections, PM Modi has come back to his old script. Even after 10 years, instead of showing their report card, they are busy creating Hindu-Muslim divide. It is true that PM Modi is upset. The RSS survey shows that the condition of BJP is bad. After our ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ and ‘Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra’, Congress’s ‘Nyaya Patra’ shows what our priority is. Opponents are also saying that this is a manifesto with a very broad vision,” she said while addressing a press conference.

On April 06, PM Modi, during his public rally in Saharanpur, slammed the Congress manifesto for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He said that the grand old party’s ‘Nyay Patra’ was a “bundle of lies” and “neither has policies in national interest nor a vision for national development”.

Accusing the grand old party of wanting to impose the Muslim League’s outlook in the country. the Prime Minister stated that Nyay Patra has exposed the party’s ‘real face’ as each pages have contents that can “potentially divide the country into fragments”. He further added that the remaining part of the manifesto is /dominated by Leftist ideology.

India’s Election Commission recently confirmed the dates for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, stating they’ll happen over seven stages, from April 19 to June 1. The nation awaits the results, which are due on June 4. In the Lok Sabha, 543 seats are up for grabs: 412 for general candidates, 84 specifically for Scheduled Caste candidates, and the remaining 47 earmarked for Scheduled Tribe candidates.

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