AMOCEiCON 2024 shades light on TWIN epidemic of Diabetes and Obesity

AMOCE (Association of Metabolic Obesity physicians and Clinical endocrinologists), an inclusive association of Physicians and Health Care Associates, who have their research interest in the area of Metabolic disorders including Diabetes, Obesity management and Endocrine medicine, organised AMOCEiCON 2024 on World Health Day at Novotel Kolkata.

The conference had 900 resgistered delegates and around 90 faculties, out of which 40 were from outside West Bengal.

The magnitude of Type 2 Diabetes in India is more than 77 million, with a bigger number living with a condition called Pre-diabetes.
India will very soon become the Diabetes Capital of the world. Understandably, the burden of Obesity is huge, with over 1.25 crore children aged 5-19 years are overweight.
By 2030 it is estimated that 27.8 % of all Indians will be overweight and 5% will be Obese.

So, this TWIN epidemic of Diabetes and Obesity that the Indian population is being exposed to is supposed to be addressed at the earliest.

Although, various National bodies of eminence for Diabetes, Obesity and Endocrinology are present at the moment, but there was a need for having a more inclusive body who are actively focused on research, academics and spreading awareness in the space of Metabolic and Obesity medicine in particular.

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AMOCE has come up with a three tier memberships, professional membership for physicians and a general membership for all Allied health care associates and a Student membership for postgraduate or post-doctoral students, focussing on managing and spreading awareness regarding the twin epidemic of Diabetes and Obesity or Diabesity as it is called.

AMOCEiCON was the first Physical meeting of the association, where a pledge was taken to fight this cause and call the Physician members #Metabolic & Obesity physicians whilst the Allied health care professional members took a pledge to call themselves #Obesity warriors.

This meeting was also attended by various eminent personalities who joined as the special guests.

The important names were, Dr. A.K. Das, Dr. Banshi Saboo (Ahmedabad),
Dr. A Maheswari (Lucknow) and
more than 100 plus doctors from accross India.

The organising doctors for this most needed conference were Dr. Supratik Bhattacharyya,
Dr. Amit Kumar Dey,
Dr. Kaushik Saha,
Dr. Mahua Sikdar and Dr. Sayantani Bhattacharyya.

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