LPG Cylinders Price Cut: Oil Companies Reduce Prices Of Commercial, 5 Kg FTL Cylinders

Oil marketing companies reduced the prices of 19 kg commercial cylinders and 5 kg FTL (Free Trade LPG) cylinders. Check new prices here.

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lpg cylinders price cut
LPG Cylinders Price Cut: Oil Companies Reduce Prices Of Commercial, 5 Kg FTL Cylinders | Check New Prices

New Delhi: The price of 19 kg commercial cylinders has been reduced by the oil marketing companies, effective this Monday. The prices of commercial cylinders have been decreased by Rs 30. Additionally, the prices of 5 kg FTL (Free Trade LPG) cylinders have also been slashed by Rs 7.50, news agency ANI reported citing sources

On March 1, the companies responsible for the prices of LPG cylinder prices, announced a price hike of the commercial LPG gas cylinders. This revision in prices came during the fluctuations in fuel costs and market dynamics.

Indane gas cylinder prices showed variations in major cities, such as Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai on February 1. But when March 1 rolled in, residents in these cities witnessed a substantial increase in the cost of their Indane LPG gas cylinders. Even though the precise reasons for this sudden surge in prices remain undisclosed, numerous factors like global oil price swings, changes in tax rules, and shifts in supply and demand are seen as significant contributors to these changes.

The revisions highlights the unpredictable nature of the energy market and its impact on households and businesses that depend on commercial LPG cylinders.

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