NaMo AI Will Answer All Questions On PM Modi And His Govt’s Achievements

You can access NaMo AI on both desktop and mobile devices via Narendra Modi website or the mobile version of the Narendra Modi App.

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NaMo AI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personal App, the NaMo App has introduced a unique feature based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for dissemination of information on the Centre’s flagship schemes and how that has brought transformation on the ground.

It is called NaMo AI.

NaMo AI is touted to be a one-of-its-kind feature that will share information on PM Modi as well as the government’s achievements via AI-powered chatbot tools. The AI feature facilitates users to ask any question about PM Modi and get a ‘summary within seconds.’

For e.g., when the question is, “What has PM Modi done for Har Ghar Jal”? the app tells about the scheme and provides details on Har Ghar Jal.

Another question like ‘How popular PM Modi is’, also fetches an interesting response.

Taking use of AI technology, the NaMo AI replies, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emerged as the most popular leader globally, surpassing leaders like US President Joe Biden, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in popularity. PM Modi received nearly 78 per cent approval ratings. This indicates his high level of popularity both in India and abroad. PM Modi’s popularity can be attributed to several factors” and so on.

When asked, “How many awards has PM Modi been honoured with?” the AI chatbot gives information on honours and accolades that the Prime Minister has won for his work in politics and governance.

Notably, the AI tool can also be of great use to voters during upcoming elections as pivotal information regarding the Prime Minister’s constituency and development words could be fetched via the chatbot.

NaMo AI is probably for the first time to have been employed by any Prime Minister for building ‘greater public connect’. However, it is advisable to verify and cross-check the data with official websites and portals for accuracy.

NaMo AI can be accessed on both desktop and mobile devices via the Narendra Modi website or the mobile version of the Narendra Modi App.

With NaMo AI, users can share their questions and get responses in PDF format. Users can use this on the go and access it anywhere.

(With IANS inputs)

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