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Prestige Unveils Oscar Black Range of Chimneys: A Breath of Fresh Air while Cooking

TTK Prestige, the trusted leader in the kitchen appliances category in India, continues its tradition of innovation with the introduction of new chimneys in two sizes – 60 and 90cm – Oscar 900 and 600 black. These cutting-edge kitchen chimneys promise to transform your cooking experience by providing a fresh, clean, and odorless environment through their remarkable high suction power and superior smoke extraction capabilities. Boasting an impressive suction power of 1000 m³/hr, these effectively eliminate kitchen smoke and fumes, ensuring a healthier cooking space. Furthermore, the heat auto-clean function simplifies maintenance, while the convenient one-touch thermal auto-clean makes internal cleaning a breeze. Elevate your cooking ambiance with TTK Prestige’s Oscar kitchen chimney.

The Oscar Black Series Kitchen Chimney signifies a pioneering stride in kitchen ventilation technology, uniting innovative attributes with contemporary aesthetics. Meticulously crafted, the Oscar Black Series showcases a robust heat-resistant tempered glass canopy, harmonizing durability with visual appeal. The integration of dual LED lamps guarantees superior illumination, enhancing cooking visibility. A three-speed motor allows personalized ventilation adjustments, ensuring effectiveness.

Distinguished by its baffle filter, the Oscar Black Series adeptly captures grease and oil particles. Further enhancing convenience, a motion sensor recognizes gestures to control the chimney. The sleek and modern design, fortified by the heat-resistant tempered glass canopy and radiant double LED lamps, is complemented by the three-speed motor, baffle filter, and motion sensor for added practicality.

Delve into the benefits of the Oscar Black Series Kitchen, revolutionizing your cooking space with its captivating contemporary design. Embrace the efficiency of smoke and odor clearance, facilitated by the ingenious baffle filter and adaptable ventilation choices.

The Oscar Black kitchen is available in two sizes: 600 mm and 900 mm, priced at ₹29,445 and ₹32,145, respectively. Presently, both these kitchen chimneys are available at a discounted offer price of Rs, 14,990 and Rs.15,990. These are accessible at all Prestige retailers nationwide.

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About TTK Prestige ( TTK Prestige Limited is part of TTK Group. Over the past six decades TTK Prestige Limited has emerged as India’s largest kitchen appliances company catering to the needs of homemakers in the country. Every Prestige brand product is built on the pillars of safety, innovation, durability and trust, making the brand the first choice in millions of homes. In April 2016, TTK Prestige launched ‘Prestige Clean Home’ a range of innovative home cleaning solutions.  The company also bought UK based Horwood Homewares in the same month and launched Judge Brand in India in August 2017.

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