PM Modi On Lawyers Letter To CJI

PM Modi attacked Congress after several lawyers wrote to the Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud, expressing concerns over attempts to undermine the judiciary’s integrity using political and professional pressure.

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‘To Bully Others Is Vintage Congress Culture: PM Modi On Lawyers’ Letter To CJI

New Delhi: Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a fresh attack on the Congress on Thursday following concerns expressed by several lawyers, including bar associations, regarding attempts to erode the judiciary’s integrity using political and professional pressure. He took to X (formerly Twitter) and wrote, “To browbeat and bully others is vintage Congress culture. Five decades ago, they itself had called for a ‘committed judiciary’ – they shamelessly want commitment from others for their selfish interests, but desist from any commitment towards the nation,” PM Modi said in a post on the microblogging website X.

“No wonder, 140 crore Indians are rejecting them,” PM Modi added.

The Prime Minister’s response came after mor than 600 lawyers, wrote to Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud and alleged that a “vested interest group” is trying to put pressure on the judiciary particularly in corruption cases involving politicians. Names like Harish Salve and Bar Council chairperson Manan Kumar Mishra were also stood with the layers and wrote the letter.
Notably, the All Manipur Bar Association had also wrote letter to Chief Justice DY Chandrachud. In the letter they highlighted the need to speak out against “underhanded attacks” on the judiciary. In the letter, the Association voiced their concerns, shedding light on a troubling trend specific interest groups are launching attacks on the credibility of courts, basing their arguments on weak foundations and harboring antiquated political motives.
More than 600 lawyers wrote, they said the tactics used by the vested interest group “are damaging to our courts and threaten our democratic fabric.”
In the letter they have highlighted the importance of Chief Justice Chandrachud’s leadership in “tough times”, adding that the Top Court should stand strong. Further the letter added, ‘it is not the time to maintain dignified silence.’

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