5 Things to Remember When Dealing with Workplace Anxiety

Workplace anxiety is a growing concern in today’s fast-paced, high-pressure professional world.
Approximately 76% of working professional in India believe stress adversely affects their job
performance, and almost half, about 49%, feel it similarly impacts their mental well-being, as per a
study conducted by ADP Research Institute[1]. Whether fretting over an impending deadline or
feeling overwhelmed by workload, it’s crucial to understand and manage these feelings for mental
well-being and overall productivity. If someone is grappling with anxiety in the workplace, these are
five essential things to keep in mind:

  1. Acknowledge and Accept the Anxiety: First Step to Problem-solving is recognizing the
    Problem. It’s okay to feel anxious. Denying or suppressing these feelings can often make
    them intensify. Recognize when feeling overwhelmed or stressed and accept that these
    feelings are natural. This acceptance is the first step toward addressing the root cause of
  2. Establish a Work-Life Balance: It’s crucial to have clear boundaries between work and
    personal time. This balance allows recharging mentally and emotionally. Whether it’s setting
    specific work hours, taking regular breaks, or ensuring you have personal time in the
    evenings or weekends, these boundaries can significantly reduce feelings of constant work-
    related overwhelm.
  3. Open Communication is Key: One of the biggest stressors is feeling isolated with anxieties.
    It’s beneficial to communicate with colleagues or superiors when feeling overburdened.
    They can offer a fresh perspective, solutions, or resources to help manage the workload.
    Remember, seeking help is not a sign of weakness; it’s a proactive step toward better mental
  4. Practice Mindfulness and Meditation: Grounding exercises, deep breathing techniques, and
    meditation can be immensely helpful in managing on-the-spot feelings of anxiety. Even just
    a few minutes of focused breathing or mindfulness can reset the mind set and reduce
    overwhelming feelings.
  5. Seek professional help whenever necessary: Recognize that feeling anxious, especially
    consistently, is not a sign of weakness or inadequacy. Everyone, at some point in their
    career, encounters stressors that challenge their emotional well-being. Talking to a
    supervisor, human resources, or seeking professional counselling can be beneficial.
    In conclusion, workplace anxiety is a challenge, but it’s also manageable. By recognizing the signs,
    being proactive in approach, and prioritizing self-care, one can navigate the complexities of the
    professional world with greater ease and confidence.


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