Caste Survey, Wealth Redistribution, Phone Tapping Row

During a public rally in Telangana, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi spoke about a caste survey, wealth redistribution and the phone tapping row. Here’s what all he highlighted ahead of the upcoming polls…

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Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: The Lok Sabha Elections 2024 will be conducted in a total of seven phases and the first will be beginning from April 19, 2024. Ahead of the upcoming polls, the political leaders of different parties have been conducting public rallies to make a connection with the public. Recently, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has also been conducting rallies and during his visit to Telangana, he highlighted the things that are priority for Congress – like the Caste Survey and also Wealth Redistribution under the principle ‘jitni aabadi, utna haq’. He also spoke about the Telangana Phone Tapping Row and attacked the BJP and BRS government.

Rahul Gandhi On Caste Survey, Wealth Redistribution

During the release of Congress’ Poll Manifesto in Tukkuguda, Telangana, Rahul Gandhi laid emphasis on the principle of ‘jitni aabadi, utna haq’ which speaks about ‘wealth redistribution’ in the country. The Congress leader said that they would focus on wealth redistribution after conducting a caste survey. To quote Rahul Gandhi, “First, we will conduct a caste census…to know the exact population and status of backward castes, SCs, STs, Minorities and other castes. After that, the financial and institutional survey will begin. Subsequently, we will take up the historic assignment to distribute the wealth of India, jobs and other welfare schemes to these sections based on their population.”

He further highlighted how almost 90% of India’s populaiton includes the backward classes, minorities, dalits and adivasis but these communities do not have a respectable share in terms of employment in the government, bigger companies and other sectors. A TOI report quoted him as saying, “The truth is 90% of India’s population does not have a share in taking govt decisions. Of the total 90 IAS officers who run the country’s administration, only three are BCs, one adivasi and three dalits. If the country spends Rs 100, BC officers involved in taking the decision are only there for spending Rs 6.”

Rahul’s Attack On BJP-BRS With Telangana Phone Tapping Row

At his rally in the Rangrareddy district of Telangana, Rahul Gandhi spoke about the Telangana Phone Tapping Row, in order to attack both BJP and the BRS Government. He said, “What your former Chief Minister (K Chandrashekar Rao) did here, the Prime Minister and the BJP is doing in Delhi, Enforcement Directorate has become Extortion Directorate.”

KCR-led BRS government and Congress have also been in the midst of a major controversy as there are allegations against them that senior police officers have been tapping the phones of CM Revanth Reddy and other Opposition leaders, celebrities and businessmen. On investigation being ordered by the CM, many senior police officers had also been arrested.

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