PM Modi Launches Scathing Attack on Party

In response to PM Modi’s allegations, the Congress party has denied any plans for wealth redistribution.

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PM Modi (ANI)
PM Modi (ANI)

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a scathing attack on the Congress party, accusing them of harbouring intentions to seize and redistribute people’s hard-earned wealth and property. Speaking at a public meeting in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, on Monday, PM Modi alleged that the Congress and the INDIA bloc have set their eyes on the public’s earnings, investments, and even the sacred ‘mangalsutra’ worn by women.

PM Modi Compares Congress Thinking to Maoists

Drawing parallels between the Congress party’s ideology and that of the Maoists, PM Modi claimed that if the opposition comes to power, they would investigate people’s earnings, properties, and possessions. He further alleged that the Congress would then seize these assets and redistribute them, particularly targeting those who own two properties.

The Prime Minister’s remarks come in response to a recent statement by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who spoke about the need for a survey to ensure more equitable distribution of the country’s wealth. However, the Congress party has clarified that their manifesto does not mention “redistribution” and that Gandhi’s words were misquoted.

Congress Accused of Eyeing ‘Stree Dhan’ and ‘Mangalsutra’

PM Modi emphasised the sacred value of gold and ‘mangalsutra’ in a woman’s life, accusing the Congress of planning to change laws to seize these precious possessions. “Congress ki nazar aapki sampatti aur mangalsutar par hai (Congress has its eyes on your wealth and mangalsutra),” he said, alleging that the party intends to steal the gold belonging to mothers and sisters.

The Prime Minister further claimed that the Congress would investigate people’s salaries, investments, and vehicle ownership, ultimately grabbing their properties. He accused the opposition of wanting to implement “Maoist” ideas that have already ruined many countries.

Congress Denies Allegations, Calls for Socio-Economic Caste Census

In response to PM Modi’s allegations, the Congress party has denied any plans for wealth redistribution. Party leader Jairam Ramesh asserted that their manifesto does not mention such measures and that Rahul Gandhi’s words were misquoted. The party has instead called for a comprehensive socio-economic caste census to better understand the wealth distribution in the country.

(With inputs from ANI)

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